Creating an engaging, compelling corporate video can be one of the best ways of all of achieving particular business goals. Video has an unmatched power to attract attention and keep it, doing away with the boredom that so many associate with reading dry, overly detailed sales materials. Video also has an inimitable way of persuading viewers directly, instead of needing to rely on the tricks that are so typical of copy-writing and other tools of the trade. Often all that it takes to commission a corporate video that will make a real difference is to seek out and work with an accomplished San Diego video production company like Don’t Panik!.

Even so, understanding a few things about the process never hurts, either. Far from being a hands-off matter of telling a video production partner what is wanted and then sitting back to wait for the results, effective corporate video production tends to involve quite a bit of back and forth. The reason for that is those who are best positioned to influence the direction of the project and keep it on the rails are the ones who understand the company or product in question the best.

That, in fact, is a fundamental principle of the field: Staying engaged and accessible is the best way to make sure that a video will match up with a given set of business goals. What that means in practice is making sure to be as helpful as possible right up until the end, but also taking extra care to make sure the basics are in place.

For that reason, it can make good sense to start thinking about a corporate video before even committing to working with a particular company. For a product sales video, for example, most companies will already have research in place that can be used to inform the work that will be produced to suit that goal. Any previous thinking about issues like the desired audience and market positioning can therefore often be polished up and presented to a video production partner early on.


In addition to staying engaged themselves, company representatives can help by making sure that their video production partners keep focused on the goal, too. That means being able to justify virtually every decision or suggestion in terms of how it meshes with business goals or related realities like budget. Many production specialists will regularly volunteer such perspectives, but it never hurts to probe a little if one does not.